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murpworkschrome is the home of murpworks photography by rp. Inspired by surroundings - monochrome, chrome, available light, nature, landscape, urban...

About rp

As a Photographer.

I use a Ricoh GR III (or will be doing but more of that later) and a Nikon Df to explore the world around me. Hopefully, I express an opinion on what matters in life. There is a lot of hidden sub-text and sometimes I may expressly reveal what this is but mostly, I hope the images bring out the meaning in and of themselves.

I am half of murpworks, with mu. Check us out at murpworks.com

My First Camera

My first camera was a Pentax K1000 which I still own. I have the Pentax 50mm Prime lens for it but fairly early on, moved to using a Tamron 1:3.5 70-150mm with Adaptall - 2. That camera is built like a tank. It was well made, simple to use and taught me the basics of photography. This was in a time before the ever advancing march of digital technology and the never-ending push to upgrade. I had a Minolta bridge camera for a little while, then upgraded to a Nikon D80 with a f/3.5-5.6 28-80mm zoom. I took many pictures with this camera but eventually moved to my current Nikon Df.

I bought a Fujifilm X100F which I used for a while but traded it in to puchase the Sony A7 III with the f/4 Sony FE 24-105 G lens. I had the idea of pursuing some video and this was an entry level in but in the end, its a computer. A very good computer and it's photography I have a passion for. I need a camera for photography

A great photographer can get great pictures from any camera but a photographer's camera is a very personal thing. This is even more true for someone who doesn't make their living from photography. The choice of camera says something about the chooser. I chose the Nikon Df. It was the right camera for me. It allows you to focus upon photography. There is no video. It is a full frame camera with a gorgeous sensor that works well in hand held, low light, out and about photography. It has manual controls and those controls are outside the camera i.e they can be accessed without recourse to a menu. It's weatherproof. The sensor is 16 megapixels which is obviously more than enough for any web-based presentation of images. Print is possible to a certain size but won't make it to a billboard but that's not where I'm headed.

The only other cameras that would fit in with my needs, likes, requirements, desires would be Leica. Their philosophy of minimalism, simplicity, lens perfection and consumate build quality for taking photographs are a perfect alignment. The Leica M10 is the latest in a long line of camera evolution, without much evolution. Keeping simplicity at the heart of what Leica does is their goal. However, it's a massive investment i.e it's not cheap. I've just ordered the Leica Q2 (which also isn't cheap) which was released on 7 March 2019. It's a full frame, 47 megapixel-sensored package of weatherproofed perfection which hosts a 28mm Summilux f/1.7 fixed lens that allows cropping. I can't wait to get hold of it.

(It may just put me on until I realise my goal of the M10 ;-) )

It's 2021

So, we jump forward to 2021. A lot has happened in the intervening years. I cancelled the order for a Q2 and actually purchased a Leica M10 with a 50mm f1.4 Asph lens. It was a gorgeous camera that took excellent photographs. I even came runner-up in a local photography competition with photographs from this camera. I also used ot to photgraph some of my daughter's wedding. You will notice I am speaking of this in the past tense - I no longer own it. As of today, Saturday 10 April 2021, I now own a Ricoh GR III. A big change! But I feel a change for the better.

The reason for my change is that I found myself taking less photographs, rather than more or more specifically, I found myself taking less photographs with the Leica and everything with my smartphone. As my Instagram account can testify. The Leica was a big investment and one I could afford at the time. My eyesight however meant I missed shots and this became frustrating. The weight (it's a heavy camera) meant I didn't take it everywhere when I should have. Hence, I was using my phone.

I feel there is no 'wrong' camera, just not the right camera for someone at that point in time. I thought long & hard, reasoned and I feel the GR III will replace my phone, giving me the ability to take photographs in the way I want to. The perfect camera? It doesn't exist. The last photograph I will take with my phone will be this one

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I will be documenting my experiences with the GR III in the blog here


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