Under the Lupe

Under the Lupe delves a little deeper, into specific photographs that have been important to me, over the years.


Under the Lupe - Painting image

Pentax K1000

This photograph of mu painting was taken back in 1982 on my Pentax K1000. It was black and white film, most definitiely Ilford as that's what I favoured at the time. I loved Ilford's graphic design; minimalist with that bold International style font, black on white. We were at Huddersfield, where we met at Poly (that's Huddersfield Polytechnic, before it became a university). We've never been apart since.

I love the light coming in through the big window, from the left and the grain and the rough nature of the edges of the print. The jumper was a mohair, blue with red block arrows.

Photographs are so important for fixing the past. They store memories, or more importantly are triggers to stored memories...